Solutions and Benefits

From Platform and Database to Solutions to Patients

Solutions and Benefits for the Patients, Families and Patient Associations:

  • Hope for improvement of their difficult conditions
  • New approach and alternative explored with possible solutions for detection and treatment
  • Possible early detection and management of disease and conditions to prevent development of the disease

Solutions & Benefits for the Medical Community, Experts and Scientists

  • Additional tools and solutions for the detection and treatment of illnesses and possibility to follow efficacy of treatment
  • Contribution to better understanding of development of diseases
  • Growing body of knowledge, as additional disease profiles are entered in the microbiome metabolic profile Database
  • Increasing capability of association of microbiome metabolic profiles across many diseases captured in the Database

Solutions & Benefits for the Industry and Research Organizations

  • Tool for research and development of treatment and/or diagnostic
  • Collaboration with industry and research organizations in developing projects related to targeted diseases
  • Launch of startups developing diagnostic and/or therapeutic solutions

Solutions & Benefits for the Donors

  • Contribution to development of solutions for patients with unmet medical needs
  • Contribution to improve the future well being of patients
  • Contribution to lessen the burden of critical diseases
  • Access to future possible ventures launched by the foundation to implement, through startups, the solutions discovered from the Platform and Database

Solutions & Benefits for the Medical Insurances, Payors and Healthcare Systems

  • Alternative solutions to current expensive treatments or non-treatment
  • Offer alternatives for better and more effective treatments
  • Possible earlier detection for prevention and early treatment

Disease Projects

Priority diseases include Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.