Welcome to the
Microbiome for Health Foundation

Microbiome for Health Foundation is a non-for-profit foundation with an unique and innovative microbiome metabolic Platform and Database

  • Focused to identify microbiome functional metabolic markers associated with specific diseases
  • And to use these markers as lead(s) to develop diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for patients


The Microbiome for Health Foundation will improve:

  • The health of patients who suffer from diseases whose medical needs remain unfulfilled by developing innovative therapeutic solutions specifically derived from discoveries stemming from understanding of the microbiome
  • The detection, prevention and treatment of these diseases for patients


The Microbiome for Health Foundation will develop diagnostic and treatment solutions to burdensome diseases and unmet medical needs endured by patients.

Values & Ethics

  • Focus on Patient
  • Deliver solutions to patients
  • Deliver commitments
  • Honor confidentiality and protect Foundation discoveries and findings
  • Target quality without compromise
  • Act with utmost integrity and ethical manner
  • Build knowledge to last
  • Scientific and data driven approach


The Microbiome for Health Foundation has been envisioned by 3 founders to pioneer the development of a ground-breaking approach and be the first to build a platform to identify Microbiome Metabolic Markers associated with diseases.

The Foundation will start and grow as an operational foundation under an unique model focused on developing practical solutions based on microbiome for patients facing diseases poorly or non-treated and offer them hope and possibly recovery.

The model of the Foundation is based on a unique proprietary platform and database to build knowledge in order to develop diagnostic, preventive and treatment solutions for patients.

It will orchestrate microbiome development activities and build open relationship with the clinicians and caregivers to deliver solutions to patients.

The Foundation will be financed by donations.